Come to my Aid

I'm so grateful to all the commenters to 'the last canvas'. You help me overcome my frequent creative blocks -- I just have to read sentences like the ones I share below to persevere writing. Thank you all!

* "This story is beautifully written and illustrated. You are truly talented, my friend."

* "Very engaging."

* "This is so addictive. I can't stop."

* "I think you should make a novel. I love it!"

* "I've been reading your story through and through, and I think it's great. There's some vibrancy to your writing that's truly compelling."

* "I read it all in one go, fabulous, now I am hooked and eagerly awaiting the next chapter."

* "Such beautiful writing. Your characters certainly shine".

* "I love your characters who are very human, your island which is simply wonderful and the story which is great and, like we say in French, "rondement menĂ©e"! 

* "Wonderful photos, love the colors [...]! Amazing storyline and look forward to see the next part."

* "The story gets better and better! Such a concentration of emotions!!!"

* "I love your writing style. It's really into the characters, yet cold, but very attractive. Seriously, it's really good to read."

I've enjoyed your story more than I can express. It's so unlike other stories I've read.

* "It's the way you tell the story. It really immerses you when you read. I seriuosly sat here throughout the morning clicking to the next chapter and ignoring my chores."

* "you always have me so intrigued with what is going to happen next. I am sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks. I have laughed and cried with each new chapter. You have a very special way of writing, I love it."

* "Truly breathtaking on so many levels..."

* I can feel your characters' pain and joy because you've written them so beautifully. Evoking emotions is what great writing is meant to do. Love this story!

you can read it from the FIRST CHAPTER here.

Laurent D'Allegro and Fabrizio Caprice reading together in bed

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