the last canvas 

has been planned as a series of conversations
between Laurent D'Allegro and different characters. 

here you may have an overall view.

each Book is divided in two parts by an Interlude.

each chapter is split in parts, as indicated.

click on the link below the chapter cover, or
on the cover itself, to be taken to the corresponding chapter.

viewer discretion is always advised, since there is some nudity and
sexual content in some chapters.

thank you for reading and I hope you'll enjoy it!

comments to the story are so very welcome, and they shall all
be answered, adding more details and insights to the plot.

the last canvas

First conversation

Laurent and Carlo

Vice City, 2008

-- chapter One - Abridging the Ocean --

-- chapter One, continued -- 

-- chapter Two - On The Birth Island --

-- chapter Two, continued --

-- chapter Three - A Fine Bromance --

-- chapter Three, continued --

-- chapter Four - Luxurious Lies --

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